Greater Efficiency

Off-site construction guarantees faster project completion. Industry case studies suggest that overall this means that homes constructed off-site can be built 30% more quickly with 25% lower costs. A careful and considered design process carried out by our talented team of engineers and designers ensures that manufacturing costs are kept within budget and that the modular solutions selected from the start are planned and used.

Sustainability benefits

Off-site construction has significantly less impact on the environment for several reasons. Firstly, there is a cut in transport-related pollution with recent research studies suggesting that projects using off-site construction can deliver a reduction of between 20% and 60% in metric tons of CO2 associated with project transport. There is also substantially less waste produced. Traditional methods are associated with 10%-20% raw material wastage, however with more advanced techniques, for example the use of CAD/CAM, off-site construction can produce the same assets with just half the waste.

Improved and Consistent Quality

The term ‘off-site’ is a catch-all phrase used to describe a range of construction activities that involve bringing together construction processes, components, elements and modules in a factory before installation into their final location. Construction takes place in our state-of-the-art factory facility in Antrim by a highly skilled and experienced team. This factory environment is a controlled one with more consistent and standardised processes than a building site can provide. It is estimated that off-site methods are associated with a 50% reduction in the project costs of dealing with “snagging”. Quality is assured throughout the entire manufacturing process with our dedicated quality team working on site in the factory and monitoring each step of the build process as well as the final installation.

Custom Builds

Our process prioritises design time. Have the luxury of chopping and changing your project plan with the assistance of our design team. We have brought creative and open-minded talent on board our team, and ingenuity is one of our core values. We are a one-stop-shop for off-site construction, collaborating with a customer throughout the entire process, from project planning to manufacturing and final installation. This capability alone is a considerable time and money saver. We are offering customers an entirely bespoke service, and no two of our projects will be the same. 


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